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mind the gap - thoughts about stairs

September 13, 2018

stairs are one of the attention focuses in each of our designs. we use stairs regularly to reach between landings on our building levels. we seek to find the right landing points on each level to create a flow and clear circulation to enable us to move freely between our spaces. we seek comfort and ease with our climb or descend. mainly we seek an opportunity to balance between our physical needs and our mental needs - stairs take space and space is valuable.

humans share similar physical attributes (accessibility is an important issue that will be carefully handled separately) however, the concept of comfort or comfort zone has a lot to do with habitat and living culture. what may seem normal and easy to use on one part of the globe might seem a nussence at the other end.

Safety also makes a difference because it is afected again by culture but also varied by age, personalty structure, fears, surrounding and personal experience. 

regulations are a sort subscription or a bundle of notions that are written in order to protect us and establish the right solution for the situation of need to move between levels. however, far from being a formula that fits all (simply because it cannot).

we can all sense stairs we can hear the sound they make, feel their vibrations, see them touch the materials they are composed, or even sense the way they interact in our spaces (the way they can manipulate light for example).

The fact is that stairs coved space and manipulate it. so essencial and yet so poetic. they can be use in so many ways and places, complex or simple to my point of view, they will always  hold the “genetic code” of the house and that’s what makes them so presious and in our architecture. 



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