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our vast and varied studio work tracks to spring 2000 

each project is carefully treated as a new and unique study case

regardless of it scale, program or budget.

we present a sample of the varied showcases as an introduction to our rich studio work.

study cases
valley house
b&b villa
valley house
technion village
sw house
technion village
Darmstadt 6 houses
darmstadt 6
z house
microsoft mtc
k house
k house
microsoft MTC
cn zen house
DnA house
lolatech hq 1
pontis hq
pontis Hq
lolatech Hq
gent comp 03.jpg
gent get urban
zur kindergarten
high school
m&r house
go public
m&r house
theatre set for joshua sobol
kohl's final hour
shi ga museum japan
various houses
p house
road trip
p house
shenkar design school competition
various interiors
campus schenkar (azrieli)
interior affairs
izi navon school
into details
keinan penthouse79.JPG
six pack offices
k penthouse
zichron y7
minimal compact
extra small appartment in japan
dbew japan 1st
nordau memorial
2023 ny.jpg
2023 ny.jpg
2023 ny.jpg
2023 ny.jpg
2023 ny.jpg
none 2
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