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space oddity - on spatial qualities

our population is growing constantly and liveable space is one of most expensive assets we share. humans are and should be concerned by that notion. we all need shelter and all deserve it but our resources are limited. one can look at the ways we have to handle this notion in various operational ways. they way our communities use the resources such as land use etc. the way our build environment is formed and our buildings used our materials - in other words sustainability. the density and modesty of our buildings - space efficiency practicality “form follows function” our varied need from privacy to public. etc.

i think there are two major issues we should always consider and to my mind extremely important.

one is that we create in spaces that are already there and if we play by the site specific “rules” and handle them with care we are on the right track to make fair use of it.

second is that we build for human soles and we are quite experienced in measuring and forming minimal shelters, designated spaces etc. however we tend to fulfil physical needs on the expense of spiritual, social, psychological instead of letting them be at the focal zone. the spatial qualities of our buildings should be handled with extreme care and thought…

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