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a delightful fight for daylight

I had the chance to participate in several architecture

Projects in ramat aviv nicknamed the green ramat aviv.

Originally built in the 1950’s as low-cost housing for the working class, in accordance with the social ideology of simplicity, these units are part of a row building situated in one of Tel Aviv’s neighborhoods. the row houses were planed with a large distance between them - a green open area as a result of 10 basic sustainable regulations. Today, this desired neighborhood is undergoing extensive urban renewal, which allows residents to plan and receive permission for building additions. Thus, a one-level 65 sqm residential unit can be transformed into a larger multilevel unit with an obligatory pitched roof.

The main challenge was to design a narrow house of considerable

Length which stretches out between 2 opposite facades.

Often we reconsider and reorganise the traditional layout of private and public spaces of the units and also integrate unexpected sources of natural light into the deeper parts of the house that animate the deeper parts of the house and expose them to the natural surrounding.

k house - skylight

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